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Meet Hollice Mapp AKA Mr Killa

Born Hollice Mapp and hailing from the coastal town of Gouyave in St John, some of Mr Killa’s earliest memories involve music: fighting with his siblings over a cassette-tape recorder, watching Michael Jackson on an old black and white TV, listening to the guys outside ‘Irie’ barber shop ‘dubbing’ and ‘toasting’ to dancehall beats, and performing in school concerts and fairs. Reflecting on these memories, he’s quite philosophical:

“I didn’t find music, music found me”.

A big break came at the age of 15 when he wowed crowds at Grenada’s first National Teen Talent Search Competition, performing original dancehall compositions, and taking first place. Mr Killa walked onto that stage as an unknown kid from Gouyave, but he left as a star-in-the-making, on a very rapid upward trajectory.

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